Kris Halliday is an iconic designer who visualizes, designs and builds ultra-luxury homes for an elite clientele in Vancouver and the Okanagan. He has completed a multitude of homes in Australia, Vancouver Island and is now based in the Lower Mainland. Kris has over 20 years design/build experience and strives for constant progression in building science and innovation.




The Mansion in Elgin features a classical limestone exterior that is paired harmoniously with a more modern luxe interior. The house was designed around a central pool courtyard allowing for a balanced feeling with large rooms, cutting edge technology and generous entertaining areas that have been blended seamlessly into an exclusive family home.


The Grandview mansion is located on a beautifully landscaped private 1 acre lot in the heart of South Surrey, just minutes from the famous SouthRidge private school as well as the Morgan Creek shopping district. 
The design goal for this property is for a modern exterior which incorporates feng shui by utilizing the 5 natural elements and colours along with form and function to create an exterior that is both stunning and luxurious as well as calming, peaceful and inviting.
Inside, the home is ultra luxurious and delicious with eye catching Italian marble, grass cloth wall paper, exotic cabinetry and velvet furnishings. State of the art technology, top of the range appliances and the very best building quality and building sciences have been used to make this home a masterpiece to be enjoyed for many generations to come.


Fort Langley Mega-Mansion

The Fort Langley mega mansion is a 50,000 sqft home which will become one of the most iconic homes ever built in Canada. It is a home of epic scale, design, materials and creativity, which will utilize the very best products, building science and technology. 
My clients briefing concluded that I design the home to be as close to feng shui perfection as possible, which has meant several major redesigns and countless small alterations to appease three feng shui masters and one feng shui grand master. 
Another major goal was to make the home as safe as possible and as structurally strong given the geographical location in greater Vancouver and being very close to the Juan de Fuca plate.  The home is to meet a magnitude 12 earthquake. The home will be built entirely out of concrete except for the roof which will be wood trusses with light weight aluminum Spanish style tiles. The entire exterior wall assembly will be approximately 2 feet thick.
Other note worthy inclusions of this home are : 
Cave like basement grotto pool with a glowing diamond ceiling, stalagmites and stalactites and an electric privacy glass wall cast into the pool cave rock.
State of the art 20 seat home theatre room
Ten pin bowling alley
Golf simulator room
3 storey slide around a circular glass elevator
Full wall glass aquarium with integrated see through wine storage
The worlds best private tea room
La cornue custom chefs kitchen
Central meditation courtyard with a central 88 natural crystal ball sculpture
90' yacht dock
Work has begun and completion is expected for early 2019.

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